The Get Your Confidence Back Challenge

5 Day Confidence Challenge

Welcome to the FREE 5 Day Confidence Challenge

Once upon a time, you were confident.

Children generally start out that way.

It’s what enables them to reach for a hand or flat surface to pull themselves up to standing when they’re just beginning to walk. It’s how they play and learn and grow.

Visit any playground, and you’ll see this kind of confidence in action in a thousand different ways.

Sadly, confidence isn’t a constant thing. We’re never entirely, fully confident.

So, while we might find the courage to ask out that special someone, we might find this same confidence faltering when we think about asking them to marry us after months of dating.

Or we’re confident enough to do well on the job interview but lack the confidence to ask for a raise even though we’ve been at the job a while now and know we deserve it.

A lot of times this is because something along the way has shaken our confidence, if not broken it outright.

This course is about fixing all that.

In the material to come, you’re going to learn how to give confidence a boost when it’s flagging.

More importantly, you’ll learn how to build back your confidence when it’s lost by asking yourself 6 Key Questions.

Sound good? Then sit back and prepare yourself for a story. The main character is a more confident, happier you.

Ready? Let’s begin.



Grab something to write with and a pad to write on.

This is not just about reading, it requires your participation!

This is not a ‘drip’ course, all the lessons are available immediately, but we encourage you to just do 1 a day.


Speed is not of the essence here. Thinking about, and putting into practice what you are learning is what it is about.

Let us know what you think.