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5 Day - Tuning Out Distractions

Welcome to the FREE 5 Day Tuning Out Distractions Challenge

Just how long is your To-Do list?

If you find you’re trying to get too much done in a day, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. There’s no way to concentrate in on the task at hand when you’ve got 18 more clamoring for your attention.

Here’s where you need to scale back…considerably. Ask yourself what’s the two to three more important things you can be focusing on today.

Forget everything else for now.

By limiting your attention, your focus sharpens.

You’re able to put your concentration where you need it: On what you’re doing right now.

Maybe it might seem you’re not going to get everything done but give it a chance.

Isn’t it better to make great strides on a few projects rather than to chip away with small strokes at a dozen others?

To dig deeper into what factors can cause distractions to become present in an individual’s life, begin our Tuning Out Distractions 5 Day Mini-Course.


Grab something to write with and a pad to write on.

This is not just about reading, it requires your participation!

This is not a ‘drip’ course, all the lessons are available immediately, but we encourage you to just do 1 a day.


Speed is not of the essence here. Thinking about, and putting into practice what you are learning is what it is about.

Let us know what you think.

All the best

Billy Ojai