Stop Waiting For Permission

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Most of us have a list of things we have wanted to do in our lives, but we never got around to doing them for one reason or another.

Whether it was learning a new instrument, taking a special trip, moving to a completely new place, starting a dream business or anything else that we might consider a “dream” that we may realize “someday”.

six minutes to success

As the months and years slip by, “some day” never happens and those inspiring ideas and dreams ultimately slip away as well.

This is a common story for many people.

But there are also a small group of people who don’t allow this to happen. They are the action takers and the masses of people who don’t follow their dreams will often look at this group of people living inspiring lives, and wonder what their secret is.

Very often, the key difference between the dreamers and the people actually living their dreams is simply their attitude.

These inspirational people decide that they want to do something and then they do whatever it takes to make sure the experience becomes reality.

They don’t focus on or worry about the risks and they don’t wait for “permission” to act on their ideas.

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“Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Only engage, and then the mind grows heated. Begin, and then the work will be completed. “ Jean Anouilh

If you look at some of the most common excuses that stop people from taking action on a bold, exciting idea, they usually sound something like this:

“My boss wouldn’t approve of me doing this.”

“My parents would think I’m irresponsible.”

“My friends would make fun of me.”

“Everyone will think I’m chasing another one of my crazy dreams.”

“I’m too old to be trying something so risky.”

In other words, many people are abandoning some of the most important ideas and goals in their life because of the potential of being ridiculed or put down by other people who don’t understand the dream.

In essence, they feel like they don’t have “permission” to go after the thing they want.

6 minutes to success

As soon as you realize that there is no one who will grant you permission, everything changes. As soon as you begin speaking to yourself differently, everything changes.

When you realize that there is no one controlling your decisions and there is no one to get permission from, you regain the power you need to act on your biggest ideas.

Take some time today to get back in touch with some of the big ideas that you may have abandoned in the past.

Why did you abandon those ideas? Is there still a part of you that wants to achieve this thing?

If so, how can you begin to change your thinking so that you give yourself permission to go for it?

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