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10 Creative Ways to Find Your Passion

You’ve already tried listing out your likes and dislikes. You’ve revisited the past to see what used to interest you. You’ve made lists and still are not sure just what your passion is.

What’s wrong?

It could be you’re taking the wrong approach. If you truly want to , try these creative ways guaranteed to help you figure it out:

Start Over

Anytime you think something is difficult or you’re going to fail, you’re already deciding you’re not going to get it done. If passion-seeking has become an unpleasant chore, you’re not likely to have much success.

Start over with a better mindset.

Tell yourself you DO have passions, and you’re going to figure them out. Need help?

Surround yourself with people who already know what they’re passionate about for some added inspiration.

Now imagine finding passion in every aspect of your life! Imagine finding ways to build and create passion wherever you are or whatever you’re doing.

Find What Captures Your Attention

Everyone is passionate about something, even you. What have you been excited about recently? What things capture your attention?

By paying attention to these bursts of happiness, you’re going to start seeing the thread of passion.

Put The Dots Together

Once you’ve started noticing things, it’s time to look for a way to put them together. For example, you love helping people and can’t get enough of working outdoors and creating things with your hands.

Look for ways to combine these things. In this example, you might want to try building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

Stand Back And Reflect

Sometimes we try to monetize our passions. We knew what they were, once, and turned them into the day job. Only now they’re not fun.

If you’re hunting passion because you feel like you lost the passion you once had for something, you might want to ask if you took a wrong turn.

It might be better to keep your passion a hobby (even if it still makes money) and not a career.

Are You Feeling the Fear?

Are you perhaps holding back from your passion? If you’re stalled out, fear could be getting in the way. Take some time to examine your emotions about this process.

Where are you feeling this hesitation? Why do you think you stall out there?

Understanding your fears will help to erase the roadblocks and get you back on the right track quickly.

Taking The Leap

There comes a time when we just need to act—no more fear or procrastination. Passion comes from trying new things and seeing what you like. Jump in and do things.

Be brave. Make mistakes.

See where the world takes you and what interests arise from these experiences.

Never think passion isn’t there, even if you’re having trouble finding it. Sometimes it gets a little buried, but a little work will always bring it to light.

You can feel passionate about many things. In everything you do, there will be points that touch your passions. The secret is finding those touchpoints. Everyone is capable of finding passion in their job and their personal life.

More Ideas to Help you – Even When You’re Not Feeling It

The world is so good at making life appear so simple. Just , and everything is great! While this seems fairly simple and even easy to do, it’s not.

Sometimes finding your passion can feel impossibly hard, especially if right now you’re discouraged or feeling out of sorts.

So how do you go about finding your passion when passion is the furthest thing from your mind?

Take a Break

What good does it do to keep hammering away at doing something which isn’t working?

It’s definitely past time to take a break. Walk away, do something else for a bit. Better yet, take a weekend off and just relax. Go on a trip, see something new, spend time with friends.

Think about the hard stuff later, after you’ve had a chance to relax a little and recharge.

Play Around a Little

Or at least remember when you did play around. Think back to your childhood and things you did back then that made you happy. on the emotions you felt and seek out those experiences which left you feeling more confident, content, and like you were doing what you were meant to do.

Take note of these things no matter how silly you think they are now. What trends do you notice?

Examine the Evidence

Even if you’re not feeling very passionate right now about anything, this doesn’t mean you’ve always felt this way.

Think back to the last time you felt really great. What were you doing? What about this experience sticks out in your mind?

Passion is everywhere if you look.

Even better?

By figuring out what things you’d felt passionate about recently, you can maybe figure out what will make you feel passion today.

Try Different Things

Passion doesn’t surface very often when you’re just sitting around watching TV. You have to get out and do things. We find passion all the time when we try new things.

What kinds of things have you always wanted to try?

Now is definitely the time to try them.

Worried about failing?

Wouldn’t it be worse to lose out on something you might be very passionate about someday just because you were too afraid to try?

In all of this, you’re going to notice one very important common denominator: everything here involves a fair amount of reflection.

When you closely examine your emotions alongside the events of the past you’re going to start seeing little bursts of joy and excitement all over the place.

There are so many places your passion can grow.

Find Them. They only need you to nurture them.

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