How To Stay Inspired and Motivated

How To Stay Inspired and Motivated

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You’ve gotten yourself deep into that project and suddenly there you are, the gone.

What do you do?

If you’re like most people, the lure of a new project might already be teasing you. It would be so easy to quit and go on to do something else.

Getting motivated seems impossible.

What do you do?

The problem is, we’ve gotten so used to instant gratification, that larger projects or tasks do lose their impetus quickly – unless you can once the newness wears off.

So how do we do just that?

1. Remind yourself who’s the boss.

Hey, remember back when you started this project? Yes, that was you that began it.

Even if you’re feeling powerless right now, the truth of the matter is, you were the one who stepped into this, and it’s still your decision about what to do next.

That means that whether you decide to quit, change direction, or keep moving forward, it is up to you to make the decision.

That rewrites the script to put yourself back in charge.

2. Take a look back.

Sometimes we get so caught up in staring at where we are right now that we’re failing to see the progress we’ve already made.

Taking the time to recall the steps along the way that you’ve already accomplished goes a long way toward improving your mood, especially when you see how far you’ve already come.

Also, remind yourself of other projects you’ve finished. You’ve done great things before; you can do them again!

Even if you haven’t done something similar in the past, chances are you’ve taken on some project that had multiple steps to achieve a goal.

Looking at those kinds of accomplishments reminds you that you can accomplish big things – and have.

3. Remember why you’re doing this.

The problem with staring a project in the face for too long is that you get so hyper-focused on the task at hand that you’ve forgotten why you’re there. Why did you choose this project?

Ask yourself what goal are you trying to reach.


And then remind yourself of this often. By taking a step back and looking at the big picture, you’ll be able to recapture that initial excitement that led you to take on the project in the first place.

A project doesn’t have to lose its excitement just because the newness has worn off.

By following these three steps, you can easily stay inspired as you go, thereby keeping up not only your but your momentum as well.

Want to ? Keep a Journal

Think back to the last time you had a surge of .

Try to remember how it made you feel.

What was going through your mind then?

If you can’t remember, that’s okay. Just be ready for it when it happens again.

If you do remember or find it’s happening again, consider recording your thought processes in a journal.

Sometimes, when you can jar your memory on how you got motivated or stayed motivated, you can reproduce that again.

If you record your feelings and actions in a journal, you can simply refer to the journal anytime you need to get that back.

You can also record positive affirmations in your journal for the days when you aren’t as motivated.

This way when you refer to it, you’ll have more juice to flame the motivational fire.

Positive affirmations are shown to be quite effective in helping people get the ball rolling.

Consider using an actual paper journal rather than recording online. Documents tend to get lost online, and people often forget.

With a physical journal in front of you, it will show itself at every moment. This way when you need that push, you can simply open up the journal and start reading.

However, if you feel that you can make it work with an online journal, go for it.

You can also record motivational tips from others into your journal that you find. This gives you more to draw from when you have a need to motivate.

Sometimes, these tips can happen in the strangest places, so make sure you have a way of capturing if you don’t have your journal with you for some reason.

Another benefit to keeping a journal about your motivations is you could eventually turn it into a book and sell it.

Self-help and motivation are huge topics for both eBooks and courses. If you think there is already enough material on the subject, think again.

People will buy multiple books on the subject, even if there are similar concepts covered from one to the next.

If there is repeat information, people treat that as a reinforcing factor.

Also, the fact that you are drawing from true situations that you experience will go a long way when producing your book.

People love true stories about motivation.

Don’t worry about what you write in your journal. The key is to keep consistent with it.

If you write something that doesn’t make sense or is silly, either disregard it or remove it from your journal.

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