Removing Barriers To Your Internal Changes

Listen and Read: Removing Barriers To Your Internal Changes

Much of our ingrained behavior comes from old, obsolete thinking patterns that might have worked well at one point, but now hold us back.

We all suffer from a set of habitually destructive cognitive distortions.

Making internal changes takes a risk, but it is key for personal development and to grow as a person.

Fear of change can hold you down, but you have to push that fear back, if you wait until there’s no more fear, you will never make those inner changes.

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The key to real, lasting change is to accept and acknowledge our fear—and go ahead with our lives and in order to remove barriers to internal changes, you must challenge your maladaptive thinking.

Get a solid understanding of what your inner mental and emotional life is like.

Are you always fighting critical inner voices that try to tell you you’re inadequate? That you aren’t good enough, or capable enough?

Get accustomed to talking to yourself. A lot of our own critical inner voices need to be confronted by deliberately talking to ourselves.

Not surprisingly, this is called self-talk. Positive self-talk is a great way to change our negative thinking.

Challenge negative thoughts about yourself. If you think “I always mess up,” a simple “No, I don’t. I work hard and have some successes” is a great way to shut down your cranky internal critic.

It’s helpful to imagine what you’d love for your life to be. What are you like as your ideal self? What’s your work like in that life? Who’s there with you?

Visualize what you want—but at the same time, stay grounded in what it’s going to take.

In the same vein as staying grounded, don’t fall into the daydream trap. It’s easy to get caught up in daydreams and forget to take real steps toward change.

Challenge every last negative voice that arises within you. Some will be so deeply grooved in your psyche they feel like a completely natural phenomenon.

These negative ideas masquerade as the truth when they’re far from it!

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