Removing the Stagnation From Your Life

Listen and Read: Removing Stagnation From Your Life

Is every day starting to look the same?

When we’ve grown stagnant in our lives, it frequently starts out looking like routine. Every day takes on a sameness, with nothing ‘new’. Your everyday expectations level out.

While this makes for a calm life, here’s where problems arise.

There’s no growth.

No change.

Things can’t get better when you’re stuck in the status quo.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to stamp out stagnation! Start by making these tiny changes to bring excitement back into your life:

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Turn Off TV

TV is the greatest tool of stagnation ever invented. When you’re watching someone else’s life (real or imaginary), you tend to forget how to live your own.

By turning off the TV you’re allowing your own story to take center stage.

Take Another Route

Used to always taking the same route to work or school? Today, why not take a few extra minutes and try another route altogether. Explore the neighborhood, take the parkway, find a new shortcut.

Make a note of any unusual spots along the way you might want to explore later.

Take Time To Remember

We all tend to collect souvenirs and mementos of our lives. Take a few minutes to revisit the best of these memories.

Enjoy old photo albums or scroll through the images on your phone.

Allow yourself to pause as you revisit the past.

Get Creative

Feeling creative? Visit your local store for art supplies or crafts and pick up some goodies to get you going. Draw a picture, write a poem, take up knitting.

There is nothing that wakes up a brain quicker than the act of creating something new.

Start a Culinary Adventure

Have you always wondered what falafel tastes like? Or sushi? Try eating out somewhere new, or order something from the menu you’ve never tried before.

Or, if you’re really wanting to push your boundaries a bit, try creating a new recipe at home.

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Nothing erases a rut faster than putting your attention off of yourself and onto someone else. Volunteering both takes you out of your comfort zone and benefits someone else, creating a win-win situation all around.

Short on ideas?

Visit people in hospice or nursing homes, walk dogs at your local animal shelter or try your hand at building something amazing through an organization such as Habitat for Humanity.

Celebrate the Day

Did you know every day on the calendar represents something? For example, January 12 is National Marzipan Day.

Who knew? Find out what today is and do something to celebrate.

By actively trying new things and doing things differently, stagnation doesn’t stand a chance. Use these tips to help create some of your own.

The main thing is to get out there and try.

Do this often, and you’re already a winner!

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