The Secret To Overcoming Your Failures

Fear of failure.

It’s the number one reason people are held back from making a change in their lives. It’s not just a lack of ability, skills, or experience, it’s in having a clear strategy or plan. The greatest hurdle getting in the way of change and what we truly desire in our lives is fear of failure.

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In recent years, individuals and groups from various sectors have been heavily promoting mental health.

What is the hyping all about?

Some may wonder. Mental health has to do with the proper functioning of the mind which enables an individual to make sound decisions and lead what is generally considered a normal life or, as Oxford puts it, “one’s emotional well-being, especially regarding one’s outlook on life”.

The mind is where every thought is conceived, and following that, inevitably, every action negative or positive.

The kind of thoughts one has and the results thereof depend highly on one’s state of mind.

The state of mind is something that is built over time through experience and beliefs, among other things. It is a result of what we hear and see.

The mind processes what it has been exposed to and then defines what is possible and what is not possible.

Consequently, as thoughts are created in the mind, they can either be dismissed or developed depending on one’s state of mind.

It is then up to an individual whether they allow their thoughts to be overpowered by what is stored in their mind.

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These thoughts themselves, if adopted and developed by the mind, they then form part of what or who an individual becomes.

They are further used as a reference in processing future thoughts or reconsidering what is already stored in the mind.

Henry Hamblin states that thoughts are the greatest power human beings possess. He further notes that “what a man thinks, he becomes.” Why is that so?

Thoughts are often inspired by new information and ideas or reconsidering what has long been stored in one’s mind. The value those thoughts are given and their ability to drive an individual into action can either elevate or demote the person.

Thoughts determine how we react to both internal and external influences. They have the power to push or force us to go beyond or stay within the limits we, ourselves, or the people around us set for us.

How then can you overcome your failures?

In a world where self-development has become more about maintaining relevance, earning respect, and popularity in public spaces, many have lost the true sense and value of taking things one step at a time.

People have forgotten to use the mind to deal with obstacles. Those who have encountered challenges in their life journey will agree that nothing makes one wiser and stronger than using the challenges as an opportunity to discover capabilities.

The challenges people face can also be used as a canvas or guide to one’s areas that need to be improved.

That said, it is important to note that for those who pursue success, not only in the form of riches but mental strength as well, applying the mind and evading shortcuts is a sure way.

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One should allow their thoughts to take them to new levels, through what everything around them has rendered impossible to reach.

As mentioned before, our thoughts are vehicles through which we can either elevate or demote ourselves. This also applies when dealing with failures.

It is not true that overcoming failures is trying the same thing numerous times and not giving up on it regardless of the number of times you have failed. Instead, it is about maintaining a positive attitude and knowing the better action to take after having tried and failed.

It is staying positive even when you do not know what to try next or whether the breakthrough you need will ever come.

On that same note, it is important to highlight that a further few attempts in trying to achieve a dream cannot be discouraged if an individual identifies the mistakes previously done and acts to rectify those mistakes.

Maintaining a positive mindset and continuing to feed your mind with positive thoughts even after failing makes it easier to think about your next step and ways to avoid previous mistakes.

The interesting part about attempts to overcome failures is that they start at a position where one may be in fear and doubt, then entertaining positive thoughts encourages them to fight their state of mind.

Succeeding in this fight affirms the positive thoughts that moved the person to oppose doubts and fears and prepares them to face something bigger in the future.

Failures should be considered nothing bigger than any other means of identifying personal strengths and weaknesses.

Some helpful ways to overcome fear include reading, watching, and or listening to inspirational material.

One should have a good knowledge of how much power you give to internal and external forces (self-confidence, input from friends and family, your background and other people’s experiences), the willingness to learn, and develop a belief system that makes you a better person.

Above all, guard your thoughts as if your whole life depends on it… because it does.

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